Planning Your Business
Marketing Your Business
Operating Your Business
Growing Your Business


Planning Your Business

Strategic Business Plans
Have you set solid goals and objectives for your business? Do you know where you want it to be in five years? We can help. You wouldn't build a house without a blueprint - don't try to build your business without first laying out a plan for a solid foundation.

Keeping your loyal customers coming back, while exploring avenues to reach new targets, is vital to your business's continuing success. Omnius can help you develop a solid plan of action that not only meets today's needs, but offers strategic planning for the future. Let us help place your business on the path to a prosperous future.

Omnius can help you plan for tomorrow and long into the future of your successful business. This is one time that you don't want any surprise endings! Let's get together and chat about your business goals and work together to create a plan that ensures that you hit all of your targets.

Image Management
What is the image of my business? Does my marketing material represent my company's mission? How can I get more community members to visit my establishment? Where should I run my ads?

Image is everything. Omnius can help you establish and maintain just the image you are looking for! We can create the right image for your business and show you how to apply it to all of your promotional products and correspondence.


Marketing Your Biz

Target Market Development
Who is your target market? How have they changed since you launched your business? Will your business meet their needs in the next five years? At Omnius, we know that the majority of your time is spent with the every day activities of running your business. Today's savvy consumers call for convenient, quick, up-to-the-minute solutions to their ever-changing needs. While you concentrate on making your product great - let us concentrate on getting the word out for you.

With all the pressures of satisfying today's demanding customers, little time is left for seeking out tomorrow's customers and ensuring that their needs will be met. Our market research can introduce you to a whole new potential customer base and help you make them lifelong customers. Omnius offers you over fifteen years experience in market research and business development. Let us be your virtual marketing department. Whether for one project or long-term, we can help.

Creative Services
Looking for just the right logo, trademark or character to represent your business? Looking for some custom artwork or graphics to use on your web site or in your mailings? Need letterhead and business cards? Don't even have an image, yet? Omnius can help!

Take a glance at some ideas and styles and then let's get together to discuss your business needs!

Contact List Development
Omnius can build and maintain your mailing lists and customer data bases. Don't have any? We can help you establish your own effective lists that include your current clientele and reach your desired targets. We combine all of your valuable current and potential customer information into one central resource that allows us to create customized communications for your clientele. Let us help you develop manageable tracking and operational processes - or let us do it all for you!



Business Services
Omnius understands the work load that a small business owner carries. Many times, the vital business activities that keep you organized and able to do business can be the most mundane and time consuming. And face it, just not much fun! Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Sometimes you have other priorities that are higher on the list. It's your business - it's your call - you decide.

We can handle everything for you or we can help you with any tasks that you are ready to get off of your already full plate. We're your business team and we're available whenever and however you need us.

Work Searches
As simple as that! Searches for work - the exact types of work that your business can do, whether it's printing, construction, catering, maintenance or portrait painting! Let us help you expand your customer base to new markets including city, county, state and federal opportunities. We will help you create proposals and project plans that will get attention and get JOBS! And isn't that what it's all about?

Notary Public Services
Omnius has a Notary Public in-house to serve your business needs.



Customer and Client Communications
Are you keeping your customers and business associates up-to-date with your latest achievements, new products and services? Are you staying current with your client appreciation communications? Want to start a newsletter, but don't have the resources? Omnius can help you develop effective pieces designed with your clientele in mind. We make sure that your customers know how much you appreciate their past business and how much you have to offer them in the future!

Special Events and Meetings
Show your style at special events and business functions custom created with your clients in mind. Omnius can create the perfect atmosphere to promote your business, sell your product or provide just the right ambiance to thank those special clients and associates. Impress your clients and business associates with an event to remember!

No matter what your resources are, we can help you make the right impression. We can work side-by-side with you, your staff or your volunteers or we can take care of everything for you! Let us help you create:

  • Spectacular Promotional and Appreciation Events
  • One-of-a-Kind Business Affairs - Within Your Budget
  • Organized, Effective Committee and Task Force Meetings

Voice Talent & Copy Writing
The voice of your business is your identity, your image and their first impression. You only get one shot to make that first impression, so let Omnius help you make a great one!

You know those ads that stay on your mind? The ones you love to hear and instantly recognize because of that distinct voice? Wish you could have a voice like that for your business? We can help.

Did you know that your on-hold message is a great place to advertise your own business? How can you use it to showcase your latest product or newest service? How long should the message be? We can help.

Omnius has in-house voice talent with over twenty years experience in the business including radio and TV spots, on-hold messaging and ad production. Omnius offers professional and prompt ad creation, voice talent services and effective on-hold marketing message creation.

Call us today. At Omnius, can help you say it right or we can say it right for you.


Looking for original images?


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